We must be sure that the legacy of faith received from the pioneers who came before us is never lost. Let their heroic lives touch our hearts, and especially the hearts of our youth, so the fire of true testimony and unwavering love for the Lord and His Church will blaze brightly within each one of us as it did in our faithful pioneers.
Elder M. Russell Ballard

12-13 year olds

On Friday July 3, 2015 the Cambridge youth ages 12-13 are invited to participate in a shortened version of trek. It will begin early on Friday and culminate with the stake wide “Welcome to the Valley” celebration.  These youth still need to wear pioneer gear, but girls only need one skirt. Be sure to bring a water bottle and a small backpack. They also need to register online and complete a medical form.

For information regarding the mini-trek click here.

14-18 year olds

This summer you will have the exciting opportunity to participate in the 2015 Cambridge Trek.  Preparing now will ensure that you and your friends will get the most out of this experience.

To Do List:

1.  Register for the event here

2. Print out the medical forms to turn into your Youth Leaders here.

3. Prepare yourself physically for the Trek

Trek will require hiking while pushing and pulling loaded handcarts weighing hundreds of pounds. You should feel confident and excited, rather than anxious, about this challenge. Preparation will reduce anxiety about the physical nature of Trek, as well as prevent injuries and fatigue. While ward or branch youth leaders should develop a plan to ensure that every participant is physically prepared for Trek it is upon you as the youth to make sure you are prepared for the challenge. Check out the Fitness/Saftey guide here for guidance on footwear and preparation requirements—including sample training schedules—so that you will be able to enjoy the social, emotional and spiritual experience of Trek without the burden of fatigue or injury.

4. Pick a “Pioneer Relative”

The theme of this year’s trek is “Remember the Journey.” That obviously refers to celebrating our faith’s pioneer heritage as we push handcarts in an attempt to channel our inner pioneers. But just as important is the need to remember the stories and lives of our ancestors. To that end each youth has been asked to do the following assignment:

Think of a family member who has made a significant journey or overcame adversity. Brainstorm what a significant journey might look like. (ideas: come from another country, joined the Church, crossed the plains, got an education, learned an important skill, overcame an obstacle i.e. gender, race, illness, etc.) The Church’s pamphlet “My Family” can help get you started.

Write a few paragraphs about what you have learned about this person. What trials did they face? How did they push forward? How has their journey affected who you are? What have you learned from them?

In May each ward will have one Sunday’s sacrament meeting focus on trek. Ideally we would love each ward to have some of their youth share these stories.

5. Work with your Parents and Leaders to get the appropriate clothing

The trek clothing committee will help ensure that the youth have the outfits they need. Individuals should try to get as much as possible on their own, but we will have sewing nights where skilled people come to the various units to help make skirts or other items that cannot be easily and reasonably picked up at stores. Leaders interested in getting help from the clothing committee can contact Joe at joecarlj@hotmail.com. For an overview of what is required, visit http://cambridgetrek.com/clothing

6. As the trek gets closer check out the Packing List to make sure you

7. Review the Trek Rules