To download this page in PDF format for printing click here: Preparation for Mini Trek – Cambridge 2015
Packing List – General

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray (and more bug spray)
  • necessary personal prescription medication
  • sturdy walking shoes (not new)
  • completed Trek Ancestor sheet
  • item to honor your ancestor
  • rain poncho (check the forecasted weather)
  • jacket or sweat shirt (check the forecasted weather)
  • camera (no phones) – optional
Clothing for women

  • pioneer skirt or dress
  • pioneer apron
  • Pantaloons or equivalent underclothing
  • Bonnet or wide brimmed hat

Clothing for men

  • trousers with suspenders
  • long sleeved pioneer shirt
  • wide brimmed hat
What not to bring…

  • electronics (ipods, games, etc.)
  • cell phones
  • weapons
  • sandals
  • a bad attitude
Start mini trek at 7:00 am at the Belmont chapel with registration, a light breakfast, and short devotional before boarding the bus to go to New Hampshire. Mini trek participants will receive back packs to carry their belongings on trek, so no additional bags or backpacks are needed. They will also receive a trek water pouch for hydration.

After trekkers arrive in New Hampshire, they will join a trek family, begin the handcart pull, enjoy pioneer games, and join the main trek company for the final handcart pull to the welcome to the valley celebration. The company should arrive at Zion’s camp about 2:15 pm.g!