Trek Clothing

To make the Trek as authentic as possible we ask that you dress in appropriate Pioneer clothing.   Work with your parents and leaders to prepare the necessary items.  If you have any querstions reach out to Joe at
Patterns can be purchased at Joanne fabrics.

Female -Comes with patterns for bonnet, apron, and dress. Simplicity: 3725 (child size)  Simplicity: 3723 (Misses’ size)

Male -Comes with patterns for shirt, vest, and coat. Use for shirt pattern (and vest if toy wish). Simplicity: 2895 (Mens size)

Online Tutorials

-Tutorials on how to make women clothing:

-Tutorials on how to make mens clothing:

Websites where clothing can be purchased: (Search: pioneer clothing)  (Search: pioneer)

Boys Clothing

Girls Clothing

Trek outfits B_G-03 Trek outfits B_G-02 Trek outfits B_G-01

Trek outfits B_G-04 Trek outfits B_G-05 Trek outfits B_G-06 Trek outfits B_G-07 Trek outfits B_G-08 Trek outfits B_G-09