2015 Cambridge Youth Trek

Remember the Journey

Pioneer Trek will be the official 2015 Youth Conference for the Cambridge Massachusetts Stake.

The goal of Trek is to help the youth of the stake gain shared and personal experiences that provide meaning and purpose by exercising faith, enduring to the end, and learning to gain strength from heaven and from their brothers and sisters.

We draw inspiration from the heritage and history of the pioneers who enduring trials and challenges in working to build the Kingdom of God.  The challenges and opportunities faced by many youth and members may be somewhat different–but they have important aspects and purposes that are in common.

The theme for 2015 Pioneer Trek is “Remember the Journey.”  We will focus on teaching the youth about pioneer heritage and of the important discovering and remembering their own family history.  Each of the four symbols in the Trek logo represent key themes that we want each youth to learn and experience as part of their Trek experience:

  1. Book:  This represents our personal history, through which youth will learn more about themselves and their forbearers and their journeys through life, challenges and faith.  This will connect them to the pioneers in their lives–past and present–and acquaint them with their spiritual heritage.
  2. Ox:  This reminds us that we, as members of the Restored Church, can accomplish hard and challenging things.  By following the path of the Gospel, we yolk ourselves to our fellow saints and “press forward with steadfastness” (2 Nephi 31:20)
  3. Wheel:  The wagon wheel has a hub and center.  So, too, must we have a hub and center in our lives, the Savior Jesus Christ.  Pioneer stories, past and present, help us remember the blessings of living a Christ-centered life.
  4. Mountains:  God has always called his faithful children to the tops of the mountains, both physically and spiritually.  Mountains raise our eyes upward toward heaven and represent the spiritual goals, leaving the world behind, and drawing near unto God.